Welcome to Livelig!

Livelig is the leading company that specializes in helping college students when it comes to dating. We specifically work with students because our goal is to make sure that they will have the right guidance even though they are also having fun at dating. Most college students lack experience when it comes to the right way of handling relationships. We are here to ensure that the young adults can have healthy relationships while they are also reaching for their dreams. Our firm is well known to thousands of college students and even Universities because of the one of a kind service that we provide.

Livelig was established over ten years ago. Since day one, it has been our mission to help college individuals to balance their studies and relationships. Through our help, these young people will have the opportunity to grow as a person. We understand that college life can be cruel. It is the time when you can meet great people that you’ll be attracted to. It will also be the time of your life when you can experience a heartbreak which may be inevitable. Don’t worry because whatever situation you are in, we are just one call away.