The 3 Best Steps On How To Seduce Your Professor

Most people will think that getting involved with your professor is not a good thing. Well, that is true but there are instances when we can feel the attraction, and we cannot control ourselves anymore. If you like your teacher and want to gamble, no one will stop you because that is your choice. However, you need to be prepared for rejection because that is what usually happens. Here are the best steps that you can do to seduce your professor if you want to try your luck.

1. Eye contact

You have probably heard the saying about our eyes that it is the mirror of our soul. It’s true because our eyes will speak what our mouth cannot. Look at your professor from time to time with affection and longing in your eyes but make sure that you are not staring. We all know that’s rude.

2. Compliments

If you notice something different about your professor, compliment him or her on how good it looks. Just be careful because the compliments that you are giving should not contain anything sexual innuendos. The trick on this is that you do not have to dwell on the compliment. After giving a few seconds, go back to your studies issues that you want to discuss.

3. Test your wit

The professor is older than you. The age may not be a problem with you, but for the prof, it is a big deal. Aside from that, once a teacher-student relationship has been established, it will be hard for the professor to think of you in a different way. You need to show you are mature enough who is worth it of his or her attention.

These three steps are not guaranteed to get what you want. If there is something in you that wants to push for this seduction, better be prepared if you will be rejected.

The 4 Useful Tips About College Relationships

College life is the time when teens are finally getting their independence from their parents. They have more freedom and sometimes get too excited about it. It is the time when they are exploring a lot of things that they can do including relationships. Here are the useful tips about college relationships.

1. Don’t force it

Getting attracted to someone is normal. You are human so expect that to happen a lot. If ever you ended up hooking up with each other, it doesn’t mean you have to jump into a relationship the next day. If you force yourself into being together just because something happened, it will just cause more trouble.

2. Be careful who you trust

You are now in college. The social circles you have are getting bigger. The only downside of this is that you don’t know these people well. With that being said, make sure that you are careful in choosing the individuals you will trust. It’s not like your old school whereas most of the people just live around the same area as you.

3. Do not compare

It is important if you already have previous relationships. Of course, you somehow need to tell your partner about your past but make sure that you will avoid comparison at all cost. You don’t want your partner to feel insecure or be pissed that will just start an argument, right?

4. No kiss and tell

We can’t help but have a group of friends when we are in college, but it is essential that the important details about your relationship are kept private. There may be some intimate moments between you and your partner, and the world doesn’t have to know that.

Follow these four tips and it will make your college relationships run as smooth as possible.

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