What we do

Greetings from Livelig!

Livelig is here to provide support to the young adults out there. We all know that they are vulnerable to the things relationships may bring. Our purpose is to help them out. Check out the things we can do for you.

Confidence Development

One of the most common problems of college students is the lack of confidence. There are unique issues that can arise during the university days such us being friendzoned, rejected, and betrayed. Sometimes, we don’t need to blame anyone but ourselves because things like this can happen if we are not confident.

Depression Program

The reason why people say that college students should not indulge on relationships is that they are prone to depression if something goes wrong. If you are experiencing this, count on Livelig because we can help to get you out of the depths.

One on One Coaching

Young adults are difficult to understand because they are going through a phase whereas they are in between of being young and being an adult. The one on one session we have will ensure the discretion of whatever things they would have to say.

If you have questions about the things we can do for you, send us an email at ask@livelig.com.